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The Attractive And The Ugly Alex Rodriguez Ed.

Second in this series.

Physical Breakdown: As a thirdbasemen for the Yankees, he has strength*, stands tall at six feet and three inches, weighing in at a lean 220.  Wears number 13.

The Attractive: Alex Rodriguez has power, and lots of it, he has a great shot at being the home run king at the end of his career, and has already won many batting crowns.  As a power hitter, he often hits for average as well!  He has a career average of .304, and not only does he hit, he runs, he is a former 40-40 player, so whats not to like about this guy?

The Ugly: A-Rod was busted for steroids, and that hurts everyone's reputation.  He has bounced back though, and is still a key player!  Albeit, he has more flaws, he has never been great in the field, and gets too many errors, he could be a much better playre if it weren't for his fielding, with too many errors

Grade: I give him a B+, he is a very good player, a possible A, but due to the steroids I give him a B+, overall though he is an A!

User Quotes:

You forgot to put something in the ugly. He only has 1 RBI in the last 5 years in the postseason, which came on a meaningless homerun against Rafael Perez with the Yanks down 5-0 in the 6th in Game 4 during an elimination game. This guy, when it comes to October, tightens up. I give him an A-, because I need to see it in October. Btw, when is the Yankee debate going to be posted. -- arth

Indeed, although this is not fair, he has not had the most chances.

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The Attractive And The Ugly Kyle Singler Edition

The first episode of the series, I breakdown Kyle Singler, a Duke power forward.

Physical Breakdown: At six feet nine inches Singler, is a SF/PF, who needs to work in the gym a bit more if he wants to continue his college success onto the NBA.  He weighs in at 230 pounds, pretty decent for a power forward.  Wears number twelve.

The Attractive: He is one of the elite players in the ACC, mostly due to his offensive skills.  In his previous years at Duke he has always been a top performer when the game is on the line, and may become Mr. Clutch for the Dukies.  He can score on the block, but not against the top performing power forwards, his advantage is his perimeter play, where he can shoot the three, or threaten to dribble-drive on the big men.  He is a beast on the boards, averaging about eight boards per game last year, his man to man defense is decent, but certainly not great.  His strong point on defense is his help defense, he is one of the best hepl defenders in the game today.  He is certainly a winner is his four years of varsity basketball his team went 110-10!

The Ugly: He is not a player with many "ugly" attribbutes, but he is big, but he is not a true big man, he usually defends the perimeter, and does not defend the post as well as he should be capable of.  He does not always get the job done offensively in the paint.  If he keeps hitting the gym, but still, this big man with guard skills is one to be reckoned with.

Overall Grade: Its always hard to grade a college player but Singler is a great all around player, with decent skills on the post, Grade: A-

Quotes And More:

Many others have takes on Singler as well and here are some:

Notes: Has received comparisons to both Larry Bird and Dirk Nowitzki Has a great deal of potential as a pro and will look to follow in the footsteps of past wing forwards Grant Hill, Shane Battier and Mike Dunleavy at Duke -- NBA Draft.Net

My reaction to this one is really this:  He is a Larry Bird type player, he is not as good as Larry Bird but he is similar.

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The Attractive And The Ugly

I plan on doing this for multiple players and posting the links here.  Please comment on your opinions on all of them on how I could better them.

The Attractive And The Ugly Kyle Singler Edition, Kyle Singler, Duke basketball.

The Attractive And The Ugly Alex Rodriguez Ed., Alex Rodriguez, Yankee third basemen.
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