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Posted on: August 3, 2009 12:03 pm

Duke Daily 8/03 Who's Who With Duke Ed. 2

Last year Jon Scheyer was Duke's top shooter and one of the leading scorers.  So who is he this year?

Jon Scheyer is a natural shooting guard who is very lanky, but has a decent ball handling skills and is able to run the point.  His shooting is remarkable, and he can stretch the defense as well.  One thing that he has developed into a threat to compliment his shooting is his ability to draw fouls on the perimeter, he has had many four point plays.  He is Duke's top free throw shooter, shooting 90% from the line.  Much like Nolan Smith, Scheyer has under rated defense, and may just show that all this year.

So who is Jon Scheyer?  Scheyer will be Duke's leading scorer, and clutch shooter.  The senior will raise plenty of eyebrows from NBA scouts.

My outlook: Scheyer will average 21 point per game, 7 rebounds, and four assists.  I also feel he will average two and a half steals per game.  And I am sure that as I speak Coach K is dreaming that he gets these stats.
Posted on: August 2, 2009 8:18 pm

Duke Daily 8/02 Who's Who With Duke?

As the first few editions come to a close, more are to come, and today is one of them.  Nolan Smith started most of last year, then became the sixth man, what will he be doing this year?

Nolan Smith is a sure thing starting point guard for Duke this year, and I really have no questions as to why.  First of all, Duke has a seldom amount of guards, not only that but Smith is an excellent defender and is willing to take a few hits for the team.  Much like last year's Henderson, Smith posses that quick first step neccassary to drive the lane and his a mean cross over.  All his life he has been a high scoring player who's main strenght is his defense, in previous entries I have pondered his conditioning and whether or not he could handle so many minutes, but Coach K has no doubt that Smith is his guy.  But one thing that Coach K might emphasize most about this young athlete is his ability to gracefully swith positions, being able to play the two guard and run the point.

So who is Nolan Smith for Duke?  Nolan Smith will most certaintly stand up and attempt to lead this team, as he will surely be the starting point guard.  If he can steer clear of turnovers.... watch out!
Posted on: July 28, 2009 7:45 pm
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The Three Man Combo

The Blue Devils have had the struggle of finding guards and now, heading into the season they have three on their roster!  What that means is, one back up!  The old phrase "Its quality not quantity" may not be in effect as you should have more than three guards on your roster!  But the three they have are talented.  So does Duke have that spark in their back court or not?

Nolan Smith: A defending point guard, he is a guy who will take a charge for the team.  He has the ability to find that one hole in the defense and take it to the lane!  Although last year he averaged high single digits, he has a that potential to be a double-digit scorer every game.  Every explosive player has that.  One of the better mid range shooting point guards, which only expands his danger level on the court.  One thing he needed to and did improve on over the summer was his conditioning, one reason why he did not start all of last year.  An improved Smith will play both guard positions for Coach K, and the Dukies.

Jon Scheyer: One of the elite shooting guards in the conference, the lanky Scheyer scores in a hurry.  He has the potential to light up the scoreboard every game, and in his final year on campus, Scheyer may become a twenty point scorer.  Like I said his ball handling is that of a point guard, and he also has tremendous defense, although he stands tall, he too will play both guard positions.  Overall Scheyer is the best Duke guard.

Casey Peters: A freshman, few people know much about him.  Let me start it off with this, Peters is a natural shooting guard, who was a twenty point scorer in high school, and most likely will become a sixth man for Duke, who can defend it well, and drives decently.  Not the best Duke guard at all but he can get the job done.

Rumor has it Duke has another committ coming in Andre Dawkins, a player who could play both guard positions as well.  Note: Peters is on the official roster to date, but I have heard he may not be, but Duke says they have him on their roster.
Posted on: July 16, 2009 5:33 pm
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Breaking Down The Dukies Part One (Starters)

Something I plan on doing daily, or at least oftenly, is breaking down the Blue Devil roster over at Duke.  This is the very first edition, and I don't know exactly on how it will go, so please leave your comments for me to better myself.

Important Notes:

As of now, Duke is entering the season with two guards.  Amazing right?  After losing Elliot Williams all the 'Devils have in the back court is Jon Scheyer and Nolan Smith!  Not to worry (reasurring myself more than you), Duke is more than likely adding Andre Dawson to their roster, one of the top 25 recruits for the 2010 class.

Big man, its actually quantity not quality now, the Blue Devils are big, but not powerful, they have a roster of big men, with little to none post skill.  It looks as though the Blue Devils will, once again, be a team that falls in love with the three.

Roster Notes:

Starting Five (Prediction):

PG: Nolan Smith 6'2 Junior, an underclassmen, when he hits stride, no one else should touch the ball, but when he's not "hitting his stride" well... we are probably going to be praying we still had Gerald Henderson!  As I pointed out above, Smith is very inconsitent offensively, but is a deserving starter, his bright side is his defense, where he is very consistent.

SG: Jon Scheyer 6'6 Senior, here, I'll come out and say right away, this guy will average over twenty points a game!  Scheyer is someone who is very consistent from beyond the arch, and always gets on the scoreboard, his defense does indeed get by, as biased as it will sound I don't think there is another two-guard in the conference I'd rather have on my team!

SF: Kyle Singler 6'8 Junior, by far the biggest question mark as far as positions go, Singler can shoot threes, and attempts many, but he's big, and has decent skills on the post, offensively and defensively.

PF: Ryan Kelly 6'10 Freshmen, one of the best prospects in this year's class, Kelly is big, lean, and mean, much like Singler he can shoot the three, has speed, and post skills!  Time will tell what Coach K can groom him into.

C: Brian Zoubek 7'1 Senior, calling me crazy by now? No?  Bet you are now, Zoubek matured last year and was defensivly great in March Madness!  I'm sure he progressed over the summer, he's not a joke!  This big man, will be a big suprise!

I will probably expand to doing the whole roster, but at this time there are too many question marks.

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