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First Half American League Standouts

Contained here is a list of the top performers of each AL position, other than the DH, they may be included in their natural fielding position.  In order, top three.

Starting Pitchers:

1. player photoZack Greinke, who in my mind deserved to start in the All-Star Game, Greinke leads the AL in ERA, is 10-5, and may have more wins if the Royals gave him some more run support.  To top it all off, batters are having a horrific time against the peerless Greinke, who has struck out 129 batters.

2. Roy Halladay, the All-Star starter, has retired 106 batters, and only walked 17. Although he may not be on the Blue Jays much longer, they would certaintly miss his 10-3 record, he also has three complete games.

3. Justin Verlander, another ten win pitcher, he has an ERA that does more than get by at 3.38, but the main thing about this guy is that he leads the AL in K's, and as he gets run support is ERA could sink down to 3.00 soon!

Relief Pitchers:

1. player photoJoe Nathan, he's amongst the top of the saves list, and has a lower ERA and more strikeouts than most of the leading relievers.  Nathan may soon become the leader in saves.

2. Mariano Rivera, the man, who has 23 saves, needs to be reminded he isn't even in his prime right now, as a veteran, he has a 43-3 K to BB ratio, and only a 2.43 ERA, he got the save in the All Star Game, and as a Yankee, he'll get plenty of save opportunities!

3. Brian Fuentes, he's the closer for the Angels, after losing last year's record setting closer, this guy has steped up, leading the league in saves, at 27, but his ERA is nothing to brag about.


1. player photoJoe Mauer, he leads the league in batting average, which is the most important hitting stat, he's probably the best fielding catcher in the AL, and he has power, with 15 homers, he competed in the home run derby!

2. Victor Martinez, like Mauer above, he has loads of power, going long 15 times, and has nearly 60 RBI's, but is not as well in the field.  Victor Martinez has a smoaking bat!
3. A.J. Pierzynski, with ten home runs, he can go long, and can knock guys in.  Another guy who fields well, but bats even better, with a .300 average, this guy is the most under rated catcher in the league.

First Basemen:

1. player photoJustin Morneau, focusing on his batting, he's batting above .310, and has 21 home runs.  And is third in RBI's, no slouch in the field, Monreau was robbed by the fans, not starting in the Mid Summer Classic.

2. Mark Teixeira, twenty one homers, close to no errors, this alone should make him an all-star.  And I haven't added that he's batting .275, and is amongst the leading RBI getters.

3. Miguel Cabrera, he still has a slim chance at getting that triple-crown, he's been good in the field, 18 home runs, .320 average, and 50 RBI's, Cabrera has a chance to shine once again, or has he already shined?  I'll go with option number two.

Second Basemen:

1. player photoAaron Hill, by far the best hitting second basemen, with 20 home runs, 60 RBI's, and a .292 batting average, its no wonder why Hill started in the All Star Game.

2. Ian Kinsler, he has speed and power, not to mention skills in the field, with only six errors, he's stolen 18 bases, and has 18 home runs!  He could have started in the All Star Game as well.

3. Robinson Cano, another guy with a .300 average, gone yard 13 times, and has scored 61 runs.  With 50+ RBI's, Cano should have been named to the ASG.

Short Stops:

1. player photoDerek Jeter, the veteran is one of the league leaders in batting average, and has stolen nearly 20 bags, Jeter is the most consistent short stop, but his RBI's and home runs, aren't very high, albeit, he is a lead-off hitter.

2. Jason Bartlett, he's batting .347, what more can I say?  He's got 19 stolen bases, and can field well.  So he's giving Jeter a run for his money at the one spot.

3. Alexei Ramirez, this guy is very under rated, his bat is great, with 11 long balls, and 50 RBI's, he needs to pick up his speed a bit, with only 12 swiped bags, his average is above decent at .281.

Third Basemen:

1. player photoEvan Longoria, he leads AL third basemen in many categories, 17 home runs, and 61 RBI's, Longoria only has eight errors!

2. Alex Rodriguez, he missed six whole weeks, and incredeoulsy has 17 home runs, and 50 RBI's, his average needs to pick itself up a bit, at .250.  A-Rod only has six errors!

3. Scott Rolen, the oldest of the bunch, Rolen is hitting for average at .320, his power has slumped, only hitting the ball over the fence six times, but speed does not slump and the veteran has four stolen bases!

Center Fielders:

1. player photoTorii Hunter, the best fielding out fielder, and he is also amongst the top hitting out fielders, batting .305, with 16 home runs and 65 RBI's, he also has 13 stolen bases!

2. Curtis Granderson, a speed threat, with 15 swiped bases, his average is not the best for a lead-off man, but his 18 home runs and 43 RBI's make up for it!

3. Adam Jones, in a few years this guy will be atop the list he is very young, and is already hitting for a .300 average, nearly 15 home runs, and 50 RBI's!

Left Fielders:

1.player photoJason Bay,  an All Star Game starter, he has a great average, great fielding, and is amongst lead leaders in both home runs and RBI's!

2. Carl Crawford, the best fielding left fielder, he proved that in the All Star game, and that silver bat may lead to jumps in his stats!  Did I mention he has 44 stolen bases!

3. Johnny Damon, he's a hitter, with fielding skills he has 16 home runs and 50 RBI's, but what I think matters most is that he's crossed the plate 62 times!

Right Fielders:

1. player photoJermaine Dye, with 20 home runs and 55 RBI's, I don't see why he was not on the All Star team, but hey, he doesn't let that distract him, and he's just going to keep on improving!

2. Ichiro Suzuki, with a crazy high batting average, he also racks up a lot of steals, he's been consistent year after year, and is only getting better!

3. Bobby Abreu, this veteran has nearly 20 steals!  Who would have thought he'd be the speed threat and not the power guy?  With six home runs, you may be shocked seeing him on this list, but he is very agressive, and does not make many mistakes!

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Mirror Image?

                    Mirror Image?

Can Mark Teixeira and David Ortiz be Compared?

At this point of the exciting baseball season, there have already been many duds, as well as many break-out stars. Right now I am here to discuss two of the bigger duds in the MLB, and if they can be called the image of the mirror of each other.

Mark Teixeira signed a $20,625,000, a year deal with the Yankees this off-season, has he proven that salary? Absolutly not! Right now he cries for the company of A-Rod, batting .190 with five homeruns and striking out 17 times. We also can here Big Papi's desperate cries for Manny to come back. He has not yet hit a homerun, and is batting .222. It is interesting as both of these sluggers need a slugger with a big ego in order to hit well. The Edge: Mark Teixeira, he will get A-Rod back on his team, as he is coming off the DL very soon. Albeit, David Ortiz, will more likely than not, not see Manny Ramirez batting alongside him with the Red Sox.

Stats to be Compared: Neither one of these two guys have done good. That is all. Mark has been able to go yard, while he has been the antonym of clutch, he has still hit some over the fence, Ortiz, on the contrary, has made some key hits, but not gone yard. So you be the judge, who is the better hitter as of the first month of the season?

Turnaround? I don't know about Ortiz. He has always been a slugger, he lost Manny, and suddenly, he is not someone that is to be reckoned with? He still has his power, he justn't has not found his stride yet. You just wait, this guy will turnaround, I am sure he will miss the all-star game, indeed, but I also think that he will be a key to the Red Sox' success in October. As for Teixeira, he has always had a slump in April, the other day he hit two homers, could this be the time he shakes his slump? For this guy I also think that he steps it up a little, in fact I think he steps it up a lot, not enough in the first half to become an all-star, but I think that the Yankees will have a grim spread across their face when he hits a home run later in the year. All in all, I think that he proves his salary, that is, later this year.

So who will have a better year? It depends, what do you mean by this? If you want home runs, you want the Yankees' first basemen, whom I believe will bat .245, with 31 homers. Or if you want a better average, then you want David Ortiz, whom I believe will hit, .278, with only 23 homers. Overall these two players will prove to be much, much more than they were in the first month.

I honestly, would rather have Mark Teixeira on my team.  He is a great fielder, and actually does field.  Sure he may not hit as high as an average as Ortiz, as of now, but still, he has shown more power, and skill in the infield.  He is one whom will be a franchise player, in years to come, however, when David Ortiz is on, he is basically a free-base.  By this I mean, he will be walked, however he isn't fast, hence, no stolen bases from him.  Overall, Mark Teixeira is one who I would rather have on my team.

Stats as of May 5, 2009.

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My Prediction: Yankees batting order 2009 Season

 There have been a few transactions made this off-season and I believe that the Yankees lineup has the most depth in the American League.  For the people who know a few things about the Yankees please comment (if you dont please post what you think of the blog entry anyhow, I LOVE opinions) and post what you think the batting order should be so heres what I think.  Oh yeah, for Red Sox fans and other anti-Yankees humans, please comment anyhow even if you are going to be bashful.

1. Derek Jeter; I believe Derek Jeter should be the lead off man, he is very reliable for hits and he can be clutch, he also has tremendous base running skills and can advance bases easily.

2. Johnny Damon; Damon is another player who could be the lead off man, however I think he (who is also reliable for hits in the clutch) hasn't the same base running skills to match that of Jeters so he should be the two hitter.

3. Alex Rodriguez; Many people assume that he will be the cleanup man, albeit, I watched nearly every single Yankee games last year, and realized something, A-Rod is not the biggest power hitter but he does have an eye for getting on base.  A-Rod will start the season on the DL , most of his at bats he will be pitched around and not given anything special to swing at and should draw walks.

4. Mark Teixeira; The newly acquired first basemen got me so excited when he was granted his pin stripes, I love the style this guy plays the game with and he has a lot of power.  I would not be suprised if he leads the Yankees in home runs and runs batted in with A-Rod's injury and all.

5. Xavier Nady; Nady was granted his pin stripes last year in a trade from the Pirates, he ended the season with a bang last year, I was not sure about him when he came to us, but now he has proven to me that he amongst our elite players and that he can light up the scoreboard in a hurry.

6. Hideki Matsui; Wow, our lineup keeps surpassing as deeper and deeper at every glance.  I was so shocked with Matsui last year, he was the hottest player in the world of baseball, and then he got hurt.  If he can stay injury free and do his stuff he will be a player that comes up on the gameplan of the oppisitions of divisional opponents such as the hated Red Sox.

7. Robinson Cano; The speedy second baseman is someone who does not have a lot of power but is speedy and can steal some bases.  However, most of his skill is in the field and is not one of the more powerful of our batters.

8. Jorge Posada; The catcher is actually somewhat powerful and can get us a lot of hits and post some runs on the board.  The reason for him being this far down in the batting order is because he is a catcher, by that I mean he will be exausted from playing in the field so that could affect his batting average, he also could be plagued by injury.

9. Nick Swisher; I think that many people have Brett Gardner as the center fielder, however I watched many of White Sox games last year and learned one thing, that Nick Swisher is not someone to be messed with.  His batting average could be in the upper two hundreds or the lower three hundreds, he could get on base for someone at the top of the order to knock home.



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