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Are the Magic Your Favorite?

The NBA Finals runner up this year, they had one soft spot, at the shooting guard, with a rookie starter, they had no expierence there.  In this blog I plan on breaking down the starters.  Please post your input.

PG - Jameer Nelson, he may not be the starter, but he is awfully good, making the all star team was quite the feat, injured for part of last season he is a big question mark, but nonetheless, he is one to be reckoned with.

SG - Vince Carter, man, he is certainly one of the more athletic shooting guards in the league, how the Magic got them is magic, and he improves the roster, without a doubt, but could he return to his all star form?

SF - Rashard Lewis, a great shooter, who is big, and in this league that matters, Lewis at SF just shows how big this lineup is.

PF - Hedo Turkoglu, another tall shooting big man, defends very well, and as a main reason to the Magic's success, he could average around 15 points next year.

C - Dwight Howard, he is one of the best in the league, SUPERMAN!  D-How is certainly amazing.  There is nothing more to say, did I say AMAZING?

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NBA Playoff Predictions

 Round One:

Eastern Conference:

Cleveland Cavaliers logo Cavs 4 Pistons 3 (One seed winning here, Cavs have Lebron, and with a dominant PG to compliment his work, there is no wondering why they have the one seed)

Chicago Bulls logoBulls 4 Celtics 2 (upset, not due to Kevin Garnet missing, but due to the fact I think the Bulls have the makings of what it takes to win)


Orlando Magic logoMagic 4 Sixers 0 (Magic get the sweep here!)

Miami Heat logoHeat 4 Hawks 2 (They matchup pretty equally, but DWade is too good!)

Western Conference

Los Angeles Lakers logoLakers 4 Jazz 1 (Kobe's chance for a title shot starts here.)


Denver Nuggets logo Nuggets 4 - Hornets 3 (Anthony and company oust the Hornets in a close battle, CP3, Chris Paul, falls to Billups, a slow start for the Hornets, will also be with a slow end)

Dallas Mavericks logoMavericks 4 - Spurs 2 (I think that the Mavs after the blow out over the Suns have all the confidence in the world, Parker, without Ginobli, one of the top sixth men, will fall.)

Houston Rockets logoRockets 4 Blazers 2 (This should be a terrific game, the Blazers can give up a fight, but they will also give up some hope.)

Eastern Conference, Round Two

Cleveland Cavaliers logoCavs 4 Heat 1 (King James oust Wade and company, in my opinion the Heat have made a few too many transactions in recent years, and it bites them in the butt here.  Cavaliers winning, nothing new here.)

Chicago Bulls logoBulls 4 Magic 3 (Gorden and Bulls prove they can knock off two of the East's beasts)

Western Conference

Los Angeles Lakers logoLakers 4 Rockets 0 (Lakers outmatch the Rockets, even with dominant post presence, the Lakers still win.)

 Denver Nuggets logoNuggets 4 Mavericks 3 (Billups leads the team to the Western Finals, Kidd may be a dominant playmaker, although ever since Billups arrived him, Anthony, and the rest of the Nuggets have clicked.)

Conference Finals: East

Cleveland Cavaliers logoCavs 4 Bulls 0 (Lebron is too much for the Bulls, the Cinderella story ends here for the Bulls as they will lose the silver slipper, or whatever slipper, for a team that was not .500 since around the tenth game of the year, an Eastern Conference Finals is enough for them.)

Conference Finals: West

Los Angeles Lakers logoLakers 4 Nuggets 1 (Kobe and company win almost all positional battles, unless Anthony can average 35 games in the series the Lakers will advance to the NBA Finals.  Another possible outcome is if the Lakers overlook this battle and look ahead to the Finals.)


Los Angeles Lakers logoLakers 4 Cavs 2 (I do not want to sound biased in any such way, that is irrelevant in a way or two, the rest of the playoffs seem to loom over the Lakers shoulders as a respite.  They will elude the powers of King James, after last year's embarrassing finish to the finals, there is no way that Kobe will lose if he does it is because he is listless and would be suffering from wan like symptoms.  The only way I believe Kobe will be stopped in the playoffs, is if Kobe gets sick.  The peerless Cavs, will no longer be known as the top team in the NBA, that is of course, if the Lakers bring home the trophy.  X-Factor: Mo Williams, if the Cavs can get him open shot opportunities against Fisher, attention may be drawn away from LJ, and the outcome of the series might favor the Cavs.  You might consider me as a charlatan, albeit, I guarentee you, I have watched plenty Lakers games, along with Cavs games, saying I have seen the matchups against each other is irrelevant, no joke, the Cavs always had someone injured while playing the Lakers.  Don't forget, Andrew Bynum is back.)


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