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Who's Who With Duke Ed. 3 Duke Daily 8/04

Last Kyle Singler was Duke's star at the power foward position... but how will he do this year?

Player Profile: Singler can play guard and foward, but he mostly plays at the foward position, he may see minutes at the two guard this year.  I actually thinks he will be the Duke starting small foward.  Coach K knows how gifted this player is being able to score anywhere on the court, you want to play him tight so he doesn't pull up for the three, but if you play him tight he'l beat you on the low post, Singler will make your head ache.  He is only average in man coverage, great in the defensive zone where his strong point is in hepl defense.  He is one of Duke's clutch players, fearless when its an important game, or in the last few minutes.  We may see a little bit more of posting up this year as he grew and added more muscle to his upper body.  He can lead the Duke in every category as he almost did last year, and is probably the most well rounded power foward in the nation.

So how will Singler do for Duke?  Well only time will tell albeit, Singler may be averaging 20+ points per game and around eight rebounds, to solidify his game he may average five assists a game.  Singler will either be the starting small forward of the starting power foward.
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The Attractive And The Ugly Kyle Singler Edition

The first episode of the series, I breakdown Kyle Singler, a Duke power forward.

Physical Breakdown: At six feet nine inches Singler, is a SF/PF, who needs to work in the gym a bit more if he wants to continue his college success onto the NBA.  He weighs in at 230 pounds, pretty decent for a power forward.  Wears number twelve.

The Attractive: He is one of the elite players in the ACC, mostly due to his offensive skills.  In his previous years at Duke he has always been a top performer when the game is on the line, and may become Mr. Clutch for the Dukies.  He can score on the block, but not against the top performing power forwards, his advantage is his perimeter play, where he can shoot the three, or threaten to dribble-drive on the big men.  He is a beast on the boards, averaging about eight boards per game last year, his man to man defense is decent, but certainly not great.  His strong point on defense is his help defense, he is one of the best hepl defenders in the game today.  He is certainly a winner is his four years of varsity basketball his team went 110-10!

The Ugly: He is not a player with many "ugly" attribbutes, but he is big, but he is not a true big man, he usually defends the perimeter, and does not defend the post as well as he should be capable of.  He does not always get the job done offensively in the paint.  If he keeps hitting the gym, but still, this big man with guard skills is one to be reckoned with.

Overall Grade: Its always hard to grade a college player but Singler is a great all around player, with decent skills on the post, Grade: A-

Quotes And More:

Many others have takes on Singler as well and here are some:

Notes: Has received comparisons to both Larry Bird and Dirk Nowitzki Has a great deal of potential as a pro and will look to follow in the footsteps of past wing forwards Grant Hill, Shane Battier and Mike Dunleavy at Duke -- NBA Draft.Net

My reaction to this one is really this:  He is a Larry Bird type player, he is not as good as Larry Bird but he is similar.

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The Attractive And The Ugly

I plan on doing this for multiple players and posting the links here.  Please comment on your opinions on all of them on how I could better them.

The Attractive And The Ugly Kyle Singler Edition, Kyle Singler, Duke basketball.

The Attractive And The Ugly Alex Rodriguez Ed., Alex Rodriguez, Yankee third basemen.
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Kyle Singler vs. Ed Davis

We all know that Duke and UNC are going to be tough this year, but who will have the better tough guy?

Ed Davis:  The UNC Sixth man was figured to turn pro, but he stayed, to improve himself.  But boy how he will help UNC, this guy is athletic with great post skills.  Could he get a double double every game?
HIS EDGE ON SINGLER: Ed Davis is a better post player than Singler, and he needs to use that against Singler at every chance.

Kyle Singler: The Duke star, he does it all, he's big, so he gets plenty of rebounds, gets assists, and shoots amazingly.  If his threes are there, he's the guy you give the ball to.  Maybe the best player in the ACC!
HIS EDGE ON DAVIS: Singler is an all around player who is very tough to guard, when the two play each other, Singler needs to stress the slower Davis.

So who has the better year?

Kyle Singler.  Not by much, but Duke simply is a team of bigs with few guards, and Kyle Singler is their 'big' main player.

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Breaking Down The Dukies Part One (Starters)

Something I plan on doing daily, or at least oftenly, is breaking down the Blue Devil roster over at Duke.  This is the very first edition, and I don't know exactly on how it will go, so please leave your comments for me to better myself.

Important Notes:

As of now, Duke is entering the season with two guards.  Amazing right?  After losing Elliot Williams all the 'Devils have in the back court is Jon Scheyer and Nolan Smith!  Not to worry (reasurring myself more than you), Duke is more than likely adding Andre Dawson to their roster, one of the top 25 recruits for the 2010 class.

Big man, its actually quantity not quality now, the Blue Devils are big, but not powerful, they have a roster of big men, with little to none post skill.  It looks as though the Blue Devils will, once again, be a team that falls in love with the three.

Roster Notes:

Starting Five (Prediction):

PG: Nolan Smith 6'2 Junior, an underclassmen, when he hits stride, no one else should touch the ball, but when he's not "hitting his stride" well... we are probably going to be praying we still had Gerald Henderson!  As I pointed out above, Smith is very inconsitent offensively, but is a deserving starter, his bright side is his defense, where he is very consistent.

SG: Jon Scheyer 6'6 Senior, here, I'll come out and say right away, this guy will average over twenty points a game!  Scheyer is someone who is very consistent from beyond the arch, and always gets on the scoreboard, his defense does indeed get by, as biased as it will sound I don't think there is another two-guard in the conference I'd rather have on my team!

SF: Kyle Singler 6'8 Junior, by far the biggest question mark as far as positions go, Singler can shoot threes, and attempts many, but he's big, and has decent skills on the post, offensively and defensively.

PF: Ryan Kelly 6'10 Freshmen, one of the best prospects in this year's class, Kelly is big, lean, and mean, much like Singler he can shoot the three, has speed, and post skills!  Time will tell what Coach K can groom him into.

C: Brian Zoubek 7'1 Senior, calling me crazy by now? No?  Bet you are now, Zoubek matured last year and was defensivly great in March Madness!  I'm sure he progressed over the summer, he's not a joke!  This big man, will be a big suprise!

I will probably expand to doing the whole roster, but at this time there are too many question marks.

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