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Posted on: July 9, 2009 8:25 pm

Once Again... Shut It!

Once again I'm tired of Yankee haters saying "Oh... A twelve year old could hit one out to right field fence!!!"   Well here is why the Yankees stadium is no easier to play in then the rest.

The Yankees have the most powerful lineup in the league, we all knew that coming into the new season, with the landing of Mark Teixeira, and all the lineups they face are powerful.  They play in the AL East, the most powerful division in the MLB, without a doubt, so that means not only do you have the most powerful hitters in there day in and day out, but unless you have Cy Young himself, he'll give up runs!  That would happen at any stadium!  Not to mention the measurments aren't that short either!

Also, as for the Yankees rotation, its actually very good.  The guys they've got get the job done, but Joe Girardi knows they don't give up extra basehits, they give up home runs.  Another reason why you don't initiate the start to a good quarrell.

Lastly, if anyone can hit it out of Yankee Stadium, why aren't opponents going in there and dominating?  After all the Yankees have the second best record in the AL!
Posted on: June 24, 2009 8:56 pm

Girardi Stay Or Go?

I really would like everyone's opinion on this so then I can reply to them and all, so add the replies, but first let me touch base on my thoughts.

First of all, the Yankees pitching is great, big man Joe doesn't need to worry, even the bull pen, and in all honestly he hasn't really done anything with them, as in do something jurastic or even talk to them (wink).  I like what he is doing, or that he is not doing anything with them, so in pitching: Girardi and His Dealing With Pitching: A+

As for the hitting we can't hit the ball, and Girardi needs to do something about it other than benching a guy for two games, in tonight's game it took us five and a third innings to just get a hit, and these past ten games we made ten no-names look like Cy Young's.  Girardi has to do something about this, or something has to be done about Girardi.  Girardi and His Dealing With Batting: F with the best hitters on your team and yet you can't even hit a ball, this is the grade you get.

So add all your comments so I can quote them in here and respond.

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Posted on: May 11, 2009 4:35 pm

One Start Stand?

Excited Yankees fans traveled to Baltimore over the weekend to check out their hot prospect Phil Hughes, who tallied a win earlier in the season, although, they did not get to see what they craved, but Red Sox fans did!  Hughes got rocked, all the way back to Triple-A.

In a battle of the batters, Hughes pitched in his shortest outing of his entire career, one and two thirds an inning.  Pitching in a scoreless first inning, Hughes had all the confidence in the world, then he lost it.  After throwing a part of the second inning, eight runs crossed the plate.  I am sure that Girardi must have been thinking of moving Hughes to the bullpen, as the Yankees have Wang coming off the DL soon, and Hughes being rocked might have him thinking about moving him into the pen.

Albeit, Hughes would not let himself take the blame, heat, or even lose confidence mind you, "It's kind of disheartening when we basically lose the game in the second inning and it's basically all on me," Hughes said after Saturday's game.

The bullpen woes continued as recently promoted Brett Tomko gave up a homer on his second pitch.  The Yankees need to find an answer to their problems in the bullpen, and fast, if they want to get their money working!

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