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Posted on: July 20, 2009 9:46 pm

Kyle Singler vs. Ed Davis

We all know that Duke and UNC are going to be tough this year, but who will have the better tough guy?

Ed Davis:  The UNC Sixth man was figured to turn pro, but he stayed, to improve himself.  But boy how he will help UNC, this guy is athletic with great post skills.  Could he get a double double every game?
HIS EDGE ON SINGLER: Ed Davis is a better post player than Singler, and he needs to use that against Singler at every chance.

Kyle Singler: The Duke star, he does it all, he's big, so he gets plenty of rebounds, gets assists, and shoots amazingly.  If his threes are there, he's the guy you give the ball to.  Maybe the best player in the ACC!
HIS EDGE ON DAVIS: Singler is an all around player who is very tough to guard, when the two play each other, Singler needs to stress the slower Davis.

So who has the better year?

Kyle Singler.  Not by much, but Duke simply is a team of bigs with few guards, and Kyle Singler is their 'big' main player.

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