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Posted on: June 28, 2009 4:09 pm
Edited on: June 29, 2009 9:53 am

Breaking Down The Race

The race for the AL Pennant is heating up, and I have a feeling we will have to deal with some suprises before the playoffs.  So here are my predictions.

NOTE: I am not yet predicting the NL or the World Series, just the AL Pennant chase.

AL Central Winner:
Chicago White Sox logoChicago White Sox (36-38) - The White Sox are a few games back of the Tigers right now, and they are just on fire, there is no weak spot in the order and the rotation is doing great as well.  The White Sox have recently beaten the Tigers, and at the pace the White Sox are playing at I wouldn't be suprised if they lead the division at the All Star Break, with slugger Carlos Quentin coming back this team will keep on rolling.

AL East Winner:
Boston Red Sox logoBoston Red Sox (46-28) No suprise here, they have two pitchers who could reach twenty wins this season, and the rest of the rotation hasn't been bad either, we all know that their bats are great, but their pitching is key this year, and if David Ortiz gets on track, there's no telling how far they'll go.

AL West Winner:

Los Angeles Angels logoLos Angeles Angels of Aneheim (40-32) Another team currently leading their division, the Angels are doing it all right, hitting, fielding, and most importantly, pitching.  No team in their division looks like they will stop them, and the Angels look like the best team in the AL West, watch for them in October.

AL Wild Card Winner:
New York Yankees logoNew York Yankees (42-32) I don't think they'll catch the Red Sox, but I do think they'll make it to October, their bull pen seems to be the problem right now, with great hitting, and an above average rotation, the Yankees should get the AL Wild Card spot with ease, but in their tough division, you never know.

My Predicted AL Pennant Winner:
Boston Red Sox logoBoston Red Sox (46-28) No suprise here, they have two pitchers who could reach twenty wins this season, and the rest of the rotation hasn't been bad either, we all know that their bats are great, but their pitching is key this year, and if David Ortiz gets on track, there's no telling how far they'll go.

That's my explanation from earlier, but for this part, its quick and easy to understand, they are simply the best team in the AL, maybe in all of baseball.

So what's stronger the AL or the NL?  Well I guess we can see at the all star game, because everyone has a different opinion on this, I personally think that the AL is much tougher than the NL, but only time will tell.
Posted on: May 8, 2009 10:30 pm

Alex Rodriguez Return Sparks Yankees!

Today the Yankees were reluctant to have the slugging third basemen return to the lineup, after not playing at all this year, A-Rod returned in a fashion.

They say not to swing at the first pitch.  Why not?  Today the first pitch A-Rod has seen all year, he whacked it out of the park for a three-run homer.This is what the Yankees have been waiting for. <a href=s/playerpage/284645">Mark Teixeira and Johnny Damon greet their star. (Getty Images)" />

The struggling Yankees started off-season addition, CC Sabathia today.  And they got their moneys worth!  He went all nine innings, not giving up a run, with eight strikeouts.  It seems as if Alex Rodriguez's return to the Yankees ignited the team.

The Yankees are hoping this is the start of the ending of their losing woes.  A 4-0 victory is a perfect place to start, puting the Yankees one game under .500.

Note:  Alex Rodirguez's homer puts him over struggling David Ortiz for the year, one who has not yet gone yard, just something to point out to all you Yankee haters!

Alex Rodriguez's return may have had a home run, but in all three other plate-appearances, A-Rod got out.  With a 1-4 season debut, he also has a run scored, three RBI's, and one home run.

Posted on: May 6, 2009 7:16 pm
Edited on: May 6, 2009 7:18 pm

Mirror Image?

                    Mirror Image?

Can Mark Teixeira and David Ortiz be Compared?

At this point of the exciting baseball season, there have already been many duds, as well as many break-out stars. Right now I am here to discuss two of the bigger duds in the MLB, and if they can be called the image of the mirror of each other.

Mark Teixeira signed a $20,625,000, a year deal with the Yankees this off-season, has he proven that salary? Absolutly not! Right now he cries for the company of A-Rod, batting .190 with five homeruns and striking out 17 times. We also can here Big Papi's desperate cries for Manny to come back. He has not yet hit a homerun, and is batting .222. It is interesting as both of these sluggers need a slugger with a big ego in order to hit well. The Edge: Mark Teixeira, he will get A-Rod back on his team, as he is coming off the DL very soon. Albeit, David Ortiz, will more likely than not, not see Manny Ramirez batting alongside him with the Red Sox.

Stats to be Compared: Neither one of these two guys have done good. That is all. Mark has been able to go yard, while he has been the antonym of clutch, he has still hit some over the fence, Ortiz, on the contrary, has made some key hits, but not gone yard. So you be the judge, who is the better hitter as of the first month of the season?

Turnaround? I don't know about Ortiz. He has always been a slugger, he lost Manny, and suddenly, he is not someone that is to be reckoned with? He still has his power, he justn't has not found his stride yet. You just wait, this guy will turnaround, I am sure he will miss the all-star game, indeed, but I also think that he will be a key to the Red Sox' success in October. As for Teixeira, he has always had a slump in April, the other day he hit two homers, could this be the time he shakes his slump? For this guy I also think that he steps it up a little, in fact I think he steps it up a lot, not enough in the first half to become an all-star, but I think that the Yankees will have a grim spread across their face when he hits a home run later in the year. All in all, I think that he proves his salary, that is, later this year.

So who will have a better year? It depends, what do you mean by this? If you want home runs, you want the Yankees' first basemen, whom I believe will bat .245, with 31 homers. Or if you want a better average, then you want David Ortiz, whom I believe will hit, .278, with only 23 homers. Overall these two players will prove to be much, much more than they were in the first month.

I honestly, would rather have Mark Teixeira on my team.  He is a great fielder, and actually does field.  Sure he may not hit as high as an average as Ortiz, as of now, but still, he has shown more power, and skill in the infield.  He is one whom will be a franchise player, in years to come, however, when David Ortiz is on, he is basically a free-base.  By this I mean, he will be walked, however he isn't fast, hence, no stolen bases from him.  Overall, Mark Teixeira is one who I would rather have on my team.

Stats as of May 5, 2009.

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