Posted on: June 28, 2009 3:34 pm

Big Dumbies Version 1.0

Hello, you may think this article may have something to do with my avatar right?  Well it doesn't.  This is about dumb transactions that were made or that should've been made.  So here goes it.

The Cubs.  Trading away who was in my mind their best player, Mark Derosa was their best hitter, and could play any position for them, so over the off season you trade him away?  And his salary wasn't even that big, the guy is currently hitting .270 with 13 home runs.  And get this... they didn't even get a player who has had any impact on their team yet!  All to clear space so they could sign Milton Bradley, and he has been nothing!  With an ever lowering batting average and only five home runs!  Overall this was a horrible move.

The Celtics.  Trying to get rid of two impact players in Rajon Rando and Ray Allen?  No, bad move, the offers they made didn't help them at all, lucky for them, they didn't fall through.  I know they don't want Rando's big salary or to sign him at all, but still, that guy is the best young point guard in the NBA!  Never want to let him go!  And Ray Allen is their best shooter, and was almost always there to make the shot in the clutch, without these two players, the Celtics are just barely above average... I also understand they don't want any part of his expiring contract but he's their guy in the clutch! Once again, a team is being a Big Dumbie!

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