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Posted on: March 27, 2009 5:14 pm
Edited on: March 27, 2009 5:43 pm

Kansas vs. Michigan State Sweet Sixteen Preview

No, I have NOT gave up on Duke, I just happen to be writing a preview for a game that I think will be rather interesting.  The defending National Champions are, playing higher ranked, Michigan State.  This game is not about winning the game, but about winning matchups which will be key to both teams' success.

This game should be interested as Kansas has really great bigs, however the Spartans big men are great defenders.  However, I think the key matchup is at the point guard position, were Sherron Collins takes on Kalin Lucas.  They both, in my opinion, are the best guards in their respected conferences.  Lucas has great leadership, however he is not a person who consistently lights up the scoreboard, and does so rarely, but his leadership is key.  He, much like Collins, possess great three-point ability.  Sherron Collins is close to averaging 20 points a game, albeit, he may get a lot of assists as well, his key atribute is his speed.  He can take Lucas out of the game by out running him and tireing out and if he does so I bet Kansas wins the game.

Michigan State (28-6), is a team getting better and better but have not always shined under the spotlight this year as they have lost a few key games, well-coached and well-disciplined, they won't be intimidated by Kansas' (27-7), Big 12 style of play.  This game ineteresting as it is another 2 v. 3 seed matchup, both games that have been 2 v. 3 have gone in favor of the three seed.  Oh yeah, on January Tenth Kansas was beat by Michigan State, they both are now improved and tougher, I think Kansas is more improved and that makes me want to grab my extra 'I can't Believe It's Not Butter!' popcorn!  The winner of this game advances to the elite eight to play on Sunday.  Here is what I have been waiting for, I have said I've been anticipating this game, but more so of a Big 10 vs. Big 12 in the Sweet Sixteen, for those who say the Big 10 has mroe depth, and those who say the Big 12 has more depth, this game can help persuade your opinion.

The Kansas Jayhawks remind me of the Chicago Bulls because of the fact they have a pentrator at the point, much like the Bulls who can dish it off to a big man, and do it with the upmost finesse.  As I am sure that this two-man game will be a part of each teams gameplan, for MSU to try and stop, and for Kansas to try and run, Cole Aldrich can play under the rim as well as almost everyone.

My Prediction: Kansas (outrunning MSU) 68 to Michigan State 63.  I would be suprised to see Michigan State win this one and advance to the elite eight, but I was suprised last night, twice.  To see the the CBS preview as well as the video preview, click here.  I also hope that Kansas wins this matchup since my bracket is already messed up as it is.  The Jayhawks also average more points than the Spartans, as Gary Parish says, contrary to the old saying, Offense Wins Championships.







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