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Posted on: April 2, 2009 10:19 pm
Edited on: April 30, 2009 4:57 pm

My Prediction: Yankees batting order 2009 Season

 There have been a few transactions made this off-season and I believe that the Yankees lineup has the most depth in the American League.  For the people who know a few things about the Yankees please comment (if you dont please post what you think of the blog entry anyhow, I LOVE opinions) and post what you think the batting order should be so heres what I think.  Oh yeah, for Red Sox fans and other anti-Yankees humans, please comment anyhow even if you are going to be bashful.

1. Derek Jeter; I believe Derek Jeter should be the lead off man, he is very reliable for hits and he can be clutch, he also has tremendous base running skills and can advance bases easily.

2. Johnny Damon; Damon is another player who could be the lead off man, however I think he (who is also reliable for hits in the clutch) hasn't the same base running skills to match that of Jeters so he should be the two hitter.

3. Alex Rodriguez; Many people assume that he will be the cleanup man, albeit, I watched nearly every single Yankee games last year, and realized something, A-Rod is not the biggest power hitter but he does have an eye for getting on base.  A-Rod will start the season on the DL , most of his at bats he will be pitched around and not given anything special to swing at and should draw walks.

4. Mark Teixeira; The newly acquired first basemen got me so excited when he was granted his pin stripes, I love the style this guy plays the game with and he has a lot of power.  I would not be suprised if he leads the Yankees in home runs and runs batted in with A-Rod's injury and all.

5. Xavier Nady; Nady was granted his pin stripes last year in a trade from the Pirates, he ended the season with a bang last year, I was not sure about him when he came to us, but now he has proven to me that he amongst our elite players and that he can light up the scoreboard in a hurry.

6. Hideki Matsui; Wow, our lineup keeps surpassing as deeper and deeper at every glance.  I was so shocked with Matsui last year, he was the hottest player in the world of baseball, and then he got hurt.  If he can stay injury free and do his stuff he will be a player that comes up on the gameplan of the oppisitions of divisional opponents such as the hated Red Sox.

7. Robinson Cano; The speedy second baseman is someone who does not have a lot of power but is speedy and can steal some bases.  However, most of his skill is in the field and is not one of the more powerful of our batters.

8. Jorge Posada; The catcher is actually somewhat powerful and can get us a lot of hits and post some runs on the board.  The reason for him being this far down in the batting order is because he is a catcher, by that I mean he will be exausted from playing in the field so that could affect his batting average, he also could be plagued by injury.

9. Nick Swisher; I think that many people have Brett Gardner as the center fielder, however I watched many of White Sox games last year and learned one thing, that Nick Swisher is not someone to be messed with.  His batting average could be in the upper two hundreds or the lower three hundreds, he could get on base for someone at the top of the order to knock home.



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