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Posted on: June 19, 2009 3:10 pm
Edited on: June 27, 2009 11:26 am

NBA Mock Draft 2009

Alright guys, never done one yet, so don't be going to crazy if its horrendous... that being said here it is.

1. Clippers - Blake Griffin, in my mind he is only the second best player in the draft, he's big down on the post, a very tough defender, he's almost the complete package, and without Elton Brand, the Clippers need a big man to help out the front court.
2. Grizzlies - Ricky Rubio, the most skilled player in the draft this year, Memphis could use someone to run the offense, and this Steve Nash comparison is just that. Look for him to rack up a bunch of assists with the Grizzlies.
3. Thunder - James Harden, in my mind the best overall player in this years graduating class, he's been working harder and harder, I can't count how many people compare him to Paul Pierce on one hand. The Thunder were, face it, a laughing stock, but with two young stars in Harden and Durant, the Thunder could be a fierce team!
4. Kings - Hasheem Thabeet, the best center in this year's draft, the Kings are desperate for a center as well, good fit right? With the loss of Brad Miller around the trade deadline, Thabeet might actually be an upgrade!
5. Wizards - Jordan Hill, a powerful PF who dominates on the offensive post, in camps I've heard he has shined, and must not be over looked, the Wizards could use a few advancements at a few positions, but they are in a dire need of a PF.
6. Timberwolves - Brandon Jennings, there has never been such an athletic point guard, and the T'wolves need just that, just wait, they'll be a whole 'nother team. With these picks, if the draft goes along these lines, I don't think many of these teams will be in the lottery again next year!

7. Warriors - Stephen Curry, Curry was the leading scorer in the NCAA and lead cinderall college Davidson, he can play the point or the two-guard, a good fit for Golden State, Curry can once again lead a cinderall team! Unless he puts some more muscle in at 180 pounds, I do not think he will be playing the two position.

8. Knicks - Johnny Flynn, really I could put anyone here. The Knicks were just bad last year, really, really, bad. But I really think the biggest woe they had was at the point, Johnny Flynn could do it all for them, even shoot. Heck, I would not be suprised if I could tell you the 3 point shooting % using one hand. Obviously, I'm exaggerating, but the Knicks woes can not be exaggerated at all.

9. Raptors - Jeff Teague, one of the best passers and playmakers in this year's draft, I think he can best be compared to that of Jason Kidd, he can dribble-drive, or he can make a miraculous pass, etc. Teague is no joke, and look for some highlight real alley-oops between him and Bosh, that is if he stays.

10. Bucks - DeJuan Blair, really the Bucks do not have a gaping hole in their starting lineup, I feel their weakest position would be at C/PF, and if you've seen Blair play, you'd know he could already be competiting in the NBA, the guy is literally unstoppable on the post, we'd see a Kobe-Shaq type threat with Redd-Blair!

11. Nets - Gerald Henderson, I remember back when the Nets had Richard Jefferson at SF, he was a huge help, he could shoot, and he had hight, well Henderson is just that, but more athletic, as a Duke fan, I saw almost every minute that he played last year, quotes like this "He's gotta extra step on his latter", will make the Nets more sure that he's their guy, he's like Jefferson, with a left-hand that is weaker, but with more athletic ability.

12. Bobcats - DeMar DeRozan, "Little Romeo", will be on the Bobcats, and boy oh boy, how they could use him, the extra publicity that he could bring, along with Michael Jordan as the owner, this team could spell trouble, because this young man also has "an extra step on his ladder".

13. Pacers - Earl Clark, a lot of people have him in the top five, me albeit, are certainly not as high on him, I don't like what I see from him in the camps, but he's still Earl Clark, and will still be a difference maker for the Pacers.

14. Suns - Tyreke Evans, the Memphis 1/2 guard will play SG for the Suns, they have a few superstars, just at the other spots they have no ones, this team would be improved a great amount, if they draft this young man.

15. Pistons - BJ Mullens, the Pistons had a great player at nearly all the positions, except at the big C, Mullens is a very talented big, who is very good on defense, something the Pistons had in Ben Wallace.

16. Bulls - Chase Budinger, Budinger is a great shooter, who can drive the lane, the Bulls need someone to split minutes with Salmons, and here is their guy, standing at a tall 6 ' 7, the Bulls would have a Hedo Turkoglu type player.

17. 76ers - James Johnson, much like Budinger, Johnson is a big SF, at 6'8. Their's quite a few differences, Johnson has better post up skills, and Budinger has better skills that a guard might have, and the '6ers need another man with power on the post.

18. Timberwolves - Jrue Holiday, the T'Wolves could strike gold in this draft, getting a whole new back court, Holiday has great ball handling, and great shooting, perfect for a SG, after the draft, they won't be any such joke.

19. Hawks - Wayne Ellington, really people are saying he does not deserve to be a first round draft pick, and that his stats at UNC "proved it", I do not agree. He's a great player, and if UNC was not as star-studded last year, he'd be averaging 20 PPG!

20. Jazz - Taj Gibson, the Jazz need a PF, with the loss of Boozer. And there are a few they could get, but I think they'll go with Gibson as they need to improve their defense, Gibson was the best defender in the NCAA last year, and look for that to transfer over to the pro's.

21. Hornets - Eric Maynor, if anyone saw them play last year, they'd notice they had no back up point guard who could productivly give Paul a rest, and Eric Maynor oculd actually be starting for many other teams in the NBA, a perfect fit for the Hornets.

22. Mavericks - Tyler Hansbrough, of everyone in this year's draft, this man had the best college career, averaging almost a double-double, he's a great man on the low post, and he's developed his jumper, to be the complete package.

23. Kings - Terrence Williams - Some people believe this guy could be a lottery pick, and the Kings lost John Salmons, Williams is also a SF, and he could be his fill-in.

24. Trail Blazers - Ty Lawson, every game this guy got better and better, even with a broken toe, he's developed himself into a nearly onstoppable player, and with Brandon Roy at SG, the Blazers will have a dangerous back court.

25. Thunder - Tyrese Rice, in my mind, this guy is the best shooting point guard in the draft, and the Thunder need to improve their shooting and ball handling, with Rice, they could enhance both of those... with one pick!

26. Bulls - Toney Douglas, not only could he help Rose at the point, but he could play the two guard. Unstoppable late in last season, Douglas could be a great replacement for Ben Gorden, as he becomes a free agent this year.

27. Grizzlies - Omri Casspri, I personally thought that Memphis had a handful of problems last year, the biggest, the SF, Casspri comes from a different country, so he may or may already be ready for tough competition, it might be a guess, but I feel he's the right guy.

28. Timber Wolves - Derrick Brown, a great shooter, and someone who can do many other things, Brown could be a succesful third addition for the T'Wolves.

29. Lakers - Marcus Thornton, the Lakers had no real good sub for Kobe last year, Thornton has shined in camps, and the Lakers could have this guy be a great 15 minute per game, type player.

30. Cavaliers - Jeff Pendergraph, the Cavs fell short of their goal, making the finals, and partial blame goes to the PF postition, where Lebron did not get much help, and Pendergraph could be a handful of help for Lebron.

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