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Free Agency

This is for the off season challenge.  Post what players on your team are free agents and if you will be offering them a contract, say what it is, and say who you are dropping.

Free Agents:
Randy Winn
Jason Isranhousen
Gabe Kapler
Gregg Zaun
Freddy Garcia 4.5 Million One Year Giants
Jose Contreas
Bartolo Colon
Andruw Jones
Joaquin Benoit
Jason Grilli Released
Eddie Guardado
Akinoria Otsuke
More Will Come up as you post them, also if there are still remaining teams, please post their free agents.

Re Signing offers:
Bengie Molina 11 million one year, Giants
Juan Uribe 3 million one year, Giants
Akinori Iwamura Accept Option Rays
Troy Percival 1YR 3M Rays
Jim Thome 2YR 12M White Sox
Octavio Dotel 1YR 5M White Sox
Mark Kotsay 1YR 1M White Sox
Ramon Castro 1YR 1M White Sox
Omar Vizquel 1 year 1 million Rangers
Hank Blalock 1 year 3 million Rangers

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Impact Runningback Tournemant

I am constructing the tournemant right now, vote on which running back has the most positive influence on his team.

Marion Barber vs. Brian Westbrook: Winner: Brian Westbrook, to take on winner of Thomas vs. Jacobs next round when this round is complete.

Pierre Thomas vs. Brandon Jacobs: Winner - Brandon Jacobs, to face Westbrook next round.

Ryan Grant vs. Laurence Maroney:

Next Matchup:
Matt Forte vs. LaDainian Tomlinson

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Who's Who With Duke Ed. 3 Duke Daily 8/04

Last Kyle Singler was Duke's star at the power foward position... but how will he do this year?

Player Profile: Singler can play guard and foward, but he mostly plays at the foward position, he may see minutes at the two guard this year.  I actually thinks he will be the Duke starting small foward.  Coach K knows how gifted this player is being able to score anywhere on the court, you want to play him tight so he doesn't pull up for the three, but if you play him tight he'l beat you on the low post, Singler will make your head ache.  He is only average in man coverage, great in the defensive zone where his strong point is in hepl defense.  He is one of Duke's clutch players, fearless when its an important game, or in the last few minutes.  We may see a little bit more of posting up this year as he grew and added more muscle to his upper body.  He can lead the Duke in every category as he almost did last year, and is probably the most well rounded power foward in the nation.

So how will Singler do for Duke?  Well only time will tell albeit, Singler may be averaging 20+ points per game and around eight rebounds, to solidify his game he may average five assists a game.  Singler will either be the starting small forward of the starting power foward.
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Duke Daily 8/03 Who's Who With Duke Ed. 2

Last year Jon Scheyer was Duke's top shooter and one of the leading scorers.  So who is he this year?

Jon Scheyer is a natural shooting guard who is very lanky, but has a decent ball handling skills and is able to run the point.  His shooting is remarkable, and he can stretch the defense as well.  One thing that he has developed into a threat to compliment his shooting is his ability to draw fouls on the perimeter, he has had many four point plays.  He is Duke's top free throw shooter, shooting 90% from the line.  Much like Nolan Smith, Scheyer has under rated defense, and may just show that all this year.

So who is Jon Scheyer?  Scheyer will be Duke's leading scorer, and clutch shooter.  The senior will raise plenty of eyebrows from NBA scouts.

My outlook: Scheyer will average 21 point per game, 7 rebounds, and four assists.  I also feel he will average two and a half steals per game.  And I am sure that as I speak Coach K is dreaming that he gets these stats.
Posted on: August 2, 2009 8:18 pm

Duke Daily 8/02 Who's Who With Duke?

As the first few editions come to a close, more are to come, and today is one of them.  Nolan Smith started most of last year, then became the sixth man, what will he be doing this year?

Nolan Smith is a sure thing starting point guard for Duke this year, and I really have no questions as to why.  First of all, Duke has a seldom amount of guards, not only that but Smith is an excellent defender and is willing to take a few hits for the team.  Much like last year's Henderson, Smith posses that quick first step neccassary to drive the lane and his a mean cross over.  All his life he has been a high scoring player who's main strenght is his defense, in previous entries I have pondered his conditioning and whether or not he could handle so many minutes, but Coach K has no doubt that Smith is his guy.  But one thing that Coach K might emphasize most about this young athlete is his ability to gracefully swith positions, being able to play the two guard and run the point.

So who is Nolan Smith for Duke?  Nolan Smith will most certaintly stand up and attempt to lead this team, as he will surely be the starting point guard.  If he can steer clear of turnovers.... watch out!
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Duke Daily 8/01 Big Men Big Talks

In two previous editions I decided coach Mike Krzyzewski still had his recruiting spark, and today we will go over the big men that may be wearing a Duke uniform next year.

Power Foward, Power Talks: Right now no top ten power fowards are considering Duke, but they have a four star prospect already committed in Joshua Hairston, he may not be overly exciting, but he will be a force off the bench seeing as Duke should still have Ryan Kelley and Mason Plumlee for 2010-2011.

Center Of Attention: One spot Duke really should be looking for a replacement is the center, no one strikes me as a great center on this team.  One player who would be great for Duke, is Josh Smith, already offered by Duke but not committed, this 6'10 giant has plenty of strength that is needed in the ACC.  No other top centers are considering Duke, but if Smith is landed, he may be enough.
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Duke Daily 7/31 Small Foward Recruiting

Another daily chat about about Duke, this time finishing off the recruiting for the class of 2010, yesterday I decided whether or not Mike Krzyzewski still had his recruiting spark, and I just wanted to say, yes, he does indeed!

Small Foward Large Talks: Harrison Barnes is one of the most talented players in the 2010 class, he has yet to committ to a school but Duke is number one on his list.  The six foot six inch Iowa native has already been offered a Duke scholarship, he has yet to respond.  Not only is he a huge threat down low with his athletic ability, but much like the Duke offense, Barnes is a big threat on the perimeter!  On the defensive end he is outstanding, his speed makes him able to guard point guards, he can guard the shooting guards, and of course he can guard the small fowards, but he can also defend big men quite well.  A lankier five star prospect, Roscoe Smith, he's 6'8, and mostly plays on the post, Duke has also offered him a scholarship, yet to respond.  Its not even close to next years signing period, but Duke does not have any committs.

I feel next year that the strongest point of Duke's recruiting may be the small foward position.
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